Outside Areas

The walls of the church are natural adobe, covered with white stucco. Walls are 4-5 feet thick in the front facing River Road side, and 3-4 feet thick on all other sides. Entry doors are hand-wrought Mexican cedars with 18th century brass bosses and wrought iron locks. The pilot doors are built into the outer doors and the bell tower is directly over the main (south) entrance to the nave. The cloistered walkways with elliptical archways surround two patio gardens. The north patio is the Fr. William E. Perry Memorial Garden. It contains a large, 18th century primitive cross of carved stone in the southwest corner. This cross contains Christian and pre-Columbian symbols, is from the Gulf coast of Mexico and was given to the church in 1974. The south patio, with olive trees and a fishpond, resembles a religious retreat area. The outside Columbarium is on the west side of the Church, adjacent to Campbell Road, and has nine sections. When a niche is occupied, the Mexican tile on its front is replaced with a marble frontispiece.

Garry Forger captured these images in May 2004. Click on any image to retrieve a larger copy. The filesize is provided in brackets.