Yaqui Alphabet 

Felipe S. Molina

a   as in English father

as in Spanish peso usually, but also 
as "a" in English date


as in English meet

o   o as in Spanish poco
u   u as in English moon

as in Spanish adobe frequently, but also 
as in Spanish baca


as in English church

d   d as in Spanish decir
f   f as in English foot

as in English go, but varies to "w" 
as in English word


as in English hard

k   k as in English kick
l   l as in English led
m   m as in English met
n   n as in English nice
p   p as in Spanish pan
r   as in English rest
s   s as in English see
t   t as in Spanish tengo
w   w as in English word
y   y as in English yes

the glottal stop, as in English in the hiatus between an apple



As printed in Larry Evers, ed. The South Corner of Time. Tucson, Ariz.: The University of Arizona Press, ©1980, p. 188.