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Defining the Southwest was originally developed as a component of the 1999/2000 University of Arizona Southwest Project: Developing Library Web Exhibits. The PI's for the project were Dr. Roxanne Mountford, English Department, and Stuart Glogoff, Learning Technologies Center, who worked in collaboration with the College of Humanities. Mr. Glogoff also developed the original website the current version.

The Defining the Southwest project was developed during the 2000/2001 academic year for Dr. Larry Evers, Chair of the English Department, who played a major role in its concept design. Other faculty teaching courses on Southwest literature, architecture, and folklore, are nvited to recommend resources and use the site with their courses.

Others contributing content to the site's development include:

  • Jean Kreis, then a graduate associate and doctoral student in Rhetoric, Composition and the Teaching of English. Ms. Kreis worked during the summer session 2000 developing the site's concept, content, and relationships to other Web exhibits. She is currently a Program Coordinator, Sr., in the UA Learning Technologies Center.
  • Gary Mackender, Support Systems Analyst, Sr. in the Office of Student Computing, designed and created the attractive buffalo petroglyph images.

Rights and Permissions Information

This website, like all others containing discrete University of Arizona content, is copyrighted by the Arizona Board of Regents. Visitors should consult with the owners of resources that are located on remote Web servers regarding their rights and permissions. All visitors are advised to respect the intellectual property contained in the Defining the Southwest website.

Visitors are welcome to use the resources in Defining the Southwest for educational purposes. Please cite ownership/authorship as appropriate. You are welcome to link to this exhibit from another webpage.

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