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Regarding the digital audio and video

You will find that the quality of the audio and video used in this website varies. Sometimes the original artifact was old. For example, we sometimes were digitizing from old analog video tapes that may have been 20-30 years old. Also, some of the video on this site comes from commercial quality VHS video tapes, but the originals video was shot decades earlier.

Since the audio and video for this website were created in 2000 and 2001, we have made enormous improvements in delivering high quality digital video and audio for U of A classes. We think the audio and video in this website is of good quality and adds value to courses and research.

The Tucson Meet Yourself festival (TMY)

The University of Arizona Library's Southwest Folklore Collection contains the correspondence, financial records, publicity, photographs, slides, and audiotape reels and tape reel transcripts documenting the Tucson Meet Yourself (TMY) cultural heritage festival held from 1974 through 1994. Dr. James S. Griffith, who served as its coordinator from 1974 to October 1994, secured a release from participants which allows for use and distribution of the materials for educational purposes only. An estimated 400 to 500 photographs and slides exist for each year covering every aspect of the festival including booths, artists, musicians, dancers, performances, and volunteer workers. Three hundred twenty-four (324) reel-to-reel tape recordings cover the main stage performances, interviews and workshops. Performances consist primarily of all kinds of ethnic music, but also include the annual corridos competition, fiddle contests, cowboy poetry and storytelling workshops, railroad oral history interviews, personal interviews and workshops.

You may also visit the Southern Arizona Folk Arts and Music of the Southwest websites for examples of the people and crafts shared during the TMY festivals.

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