A Hertiage of Loving Service


Heritage is truly a summation of one hundred years of sowing and reaping a harvest blessed by God. The loving service of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the many men and women who have joined with them in this work have given St. Mary's Hospital a heritage worthy of the recognition of past and future generations. This present volume follows The St. Mary's I Knew by Sister Aloysia Ames, C.S.J., published ten years ago on the occasion of the centennial of the arrival of the first Sisters of St. Joseph in Tucson. In 1979, Sister Alberta Cammack, C.S.J. together with Mr. Leo G. Byrne, undertook the continuation of the story, completing the history from the 1940's to 1980, the centennial year of the hospital.

To read the story is to allow oneself to move back in time, to stand and marvel at the courage, ingenuity and determination of these early pioneers and of all those who followed them. Those of us who now rejoice in the progress made over the past one hundred years know that the spirit of St. Mary's is built on solid ground, a foundation of self-sacrifice and tireless dedication. What was established has withstood the winds of poverty, hardships, calamities and tragedies of fire and flood. We believe that what was achieved with such faith and trust will continue to endure through any future difficulties that may be encountered.

We are called to respond to the challenge our predecessors have left us, to follow in their footsteps. We are compelled to continue their work into a second century of service. We know that God who gives us this desire, and who gave the first sisters who journeyed to Tucson the strength and zeal to pursue their dreams, will also give us what we need to accomplish the task we have been given.

Sister St. Joan Willert
Chief Executive Officer
St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center

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